«When I paint I live my passion to travel with me. My inner world is always my source of inspiration. With the power of the palette knife and the colors I have inside me, creation begins and doesn’t stop until I feel that the image I have in my soul is completed.

I believe that there is harmony and serenity in nature, but also in life and this is what I want to express in my paintings. The symbols of my world are the sea, the sky and the nature. They represent the Journey of life, the pursuit of happiness but also the search for joy, peace and completion.»

Artist BIO

Eleni Sameli Varouxakis is a painter with tendencies of expressionism and impressionism. She paints with a palette knife (spatula) and uses oils and acrylics on canvas. Through her paintings she brings with her, her world which consists of shapes and colors of her own invention and personal aesthetics.

She paints its inner landscapes (landscapes of her soul) in her own way, where the subject serves the movement of her hand and not the opposite. Her goal is to introduce us to a bright world, full of harmonieus balances, happy moments and pleasant memories.

In her paintings she reveals to us that life is beautiful despite its variations. The color palette is always a play of emotions that through turmoil, lead to a «touch» (palette knife) of happiness and «achievement of completion».